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Welcome to The Musician’s Paradise!

Don’t you love music? Haven’t you ever wished you could play the piano, or the guitar or any kind of musical instrument? I’m sure most people listen to music every single day and perhaps have even taken some lessons of musical instruments in the past, too. As parents to young children, don’t you wish your children know how to play some musical instruments?

This is Kyara from the Musician’s Paradise.

I love the sound of piano. I would listen to classical music all day. You may not like classical music, but what about modern pianists such as Yanni, John Lennon, Billy Joel, or Elton John? Isn’t piano sound beautiful?

I love playing it, too! I learned how to play the piano at young age. My family wasn’t by any means wealthy, but for some reason, my parents bought an upright piano and by the time I could figure out what was going on around me, my two sisters who are 4 and 6 years older than me were playing.

Naturally, when I turned 5 or 6, I started taking lessons and I continued playing until graduating from high school. Piano lessons were the only kind of lessons I took after school. I loved it and on those days where I had nothing to do, unlike children these days who watch YouTube all day or play games on their electronic devices, I played piano all day.

By the time I graduated from high school, I had played all kinds of classical music from Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven to Chopin, Schubert, Debussy, etc. After taking a break from the piano during my college years, once I started working, I wanted to do something different and took an adventure by taking jazz piano lessons. It was so hard! I never got used to playing by chords or improvise.

Since then, I have never taken any lessons, but in my hope to continue playing the piano through my old age as I believe playing the piano must be beneficial in keeping my brain alert and avoiding Alzheimer’s or any brain degenerative diseases and also to have our children learn how to play the piano, my husband and I invested in a baby grand piano before we had the first baby. Yes, before we had children, we had a lot more money than now to spend on what we wanted!

Why The Musician’s Paradise?

So, as you can see, I love music and wanted my children to be exposed to music. In fact, I believe every child should have opportunities to learn how to play musical instruments. Even adults can start learning how to play musical instruments. It’s never too late! What instruments do you want to learn? The most common musical instruments that you can practice at home is probably the piano and the guitar.

One time, I was visiting a friend and there I encountered a digital piano. Since I was used to a real acoustic piano, I had never paid attention to digital pianos, but I was surprised how well-made the digital piano was! I’m sure technology advancement helps make better quality digital pianos these days. And affordability is superb compared to acoustic pianos. You can purchase one at the cost of buying an iPad or Chromebook!

But when I searched for digital pianos, I soon found there were so many! What should I look for in a digital piano? What size, what features, how much should I spend?

There, I thought people can get use out of a website that has in-depth information on digital pianos.

We provide information so that you can make a better decision in your purchase of your musical instrument.

While doing that, I want to make it clear to visitors that the website uses affiliate programs, which means when you click a link from our website and make a purchase, a small amount of commission is given to us at no cost to you. It will help us work more and strive us to be a better place on the Internet for information regarding musical instruments. Thank you.

We are hoping that our website becomes the source of valuable information to many people who are in the market for digital pianos, guitars, and drums and whatever instruments we might add in the future.

We are thinking about introducing online instrument-learning programs, too, if we find anything worth mentioning.

Thank you for visiting our website! You can check some of the best digital pianos.

The Musician’s Paradise