Alesis Coda Pro 88-Key Digital Piano Review

Alesis Coda Pro 88-Key Digital Piano Review
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You don’t have to go ahead and spend thousands on a high-end piano. There are quality digital pianos available that only cost a few hundred dollars and will readily satisfy your need for a good piano sound and performance. Digital pianos are for individuals who want a piano that is affordable but still has a great overall sound and quality.

They are also suitable for the needs of people who live in smaller homes or apartments and do not have space for an acoustic piano. The digital piano has a good range of tones, effects and modes that users can experiment with, practice or create music. If you are looking for a good model, you can read this review of the Alesis Coda Pro Digital Piano.

Features of the Alesis Coda Pro 88-Key Digital Piano

  • Includes weighted keys with hammer action
  • Has 20 built-in voices which can be divided or layered at the same time
  • Can play along with 60 preprogrammed songs
  • Users can record own songs with the user record feature
  • Has duet mode with 50 accompaniment styles for solo performances
  • Comes with exclusive integrated sounds from reputable virtual instrument developers SONiVOX and AIR Music Technlogy.
  • Has integrated DSP with modifiable reverb, chorus FX and EQ
  • Has transpose control and integrated metronome
  • Has three independent MIDI controllers
  • Has headphone outputs
  • Comes with sustain pedal
  • Has stereo aux input for playing together with outside equipment
  • One year warranty


Alesis might be unheard of in terms of digital pianos, however, the company has managed to design and develop a consistent range of pianos including this product. This model comes with a complete 88 weighted keys which have hammer action. The inclusion of this feature allows for a more realistic acoustic piano impression.

It comes with 20 preprogrammed voices which can be played in 2 modes with excellent effects. The split mode allows users to play 2 voices, with every voice appointed to serve as one half of the keyboard. The dual/layer mode allows users to play 2 voices simultaneously on the whole keyboard.

Furthermore, the digital piano comes with chorus, EQ and reverb effects so keyboardists can completely improve and work up details in the music by supplementing it with added dimensions.

The USB port meanwhile allows users to document their performances or practice times then turn it over to another medium like a desktop computer.

The lesson mode is a distinct feature of this model and this lets users split their keyboard instantly into 2 segments, with each segment bearing the same pitch and tone.

The keys have a substantial feel to them and while they are not the most top-rated in the business, they do their job well in terms of mimicking the quality of a genuine acoustic piano. Nearly all digital pianos include a range of voices or tones from organ, orchestral, horn and different kinds of pianos.

However, if you only want to play classical piano, you will not mind those features that much. The voices that were integrated on this model are composed of SONiVOX and AIR Music Technology, a company from Germany. Both SONiVOX and AIR Music Technology concentrate on developing virtual instruments.

The voices or tones supplied by this model are significantly sufficient and beginners will appreciate the quality of those sounds. The quality of the digital piano’s speakers is adequate for a beginner-type model. In terms of weight, it is compact and portable. Users can easily tote this keyboard along to gigs and live performances.

This model is recommended for beginners and individuals who are on a tight budget but play in bands. If you are starting out as an artist or in a band, the model contains all of the features and settings you need and more. It is a reasonable choice for people who have bands or starting to write songs on their own since it can be connected easily to a desktop computer.


As stated above, this is an entry-level unit and it might not appeal to the needs of professionals or keyboardists who already have an ear for high-quality digital piano sounds. Advanced models, of course, come with a wider selection of tones and features which professionals can experiment with.

Piano sound is not as excellent as other digital pianos of well-known manufacturers who produce acoustic pianos.

Another drawback of this unit is that the product comes with plastic keys. If your hands tend to sweat while playing the keyboard, expect your fingers to slip a lot around on the surface.


The Alesis Coda Pro Digital Piano is recommended for students and earnest keyboard enthusiasts who searching for a versatile digital piano with weighted keys that have hammer action. It provides great value for your money, has a compact and portable size which makes it a breeze to carry to gigs or practice, and it has an adequate range of voices that beginners can play with. It also comes with the capability to connect effortlessly with virtual instrument programs and plugins.

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