Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano Review

Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano Review
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As an adult, it’s never too late to learn to play a musical instrument. For children, it is a fun, instructional experience. So why not include it in your daily lifestyle? It improves brain function and relieves stress. One popular musical instrument is the piano, which is played all over the world.

As a beginner, purchasing an expensive acoustic piano is not a good idea. Many people recommend using a digital piano which is a good imitation of an acoustic piano. It’s cheaper, but still gives you the experience like you’re playing an acoustic piano. It is lightweight and compact so it can be easily moved from one place to another.

Manufacturers create different models and brands of digital pianos. However, not all of them have the superb quality and capabilities that suit your needs. For beginners, some of the features that you must consider are the ease of assembly, good sound quality, durability, and technical support. Some digital pianos also come with video tutorials and recorded melodies that you can listen to and learn.

Do you want to know a good brand of digital piano? Check out the Alesis Recital Beginner Digital Piano. What makes it stand out among other piano brands? Read further to learn more about it.

Features of the Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano

  • Semi weighted keys
  • Full 88 keys
  • 128 polyphony
  • “USB to Host” capability to output in MIDI format
  • Powered by power outlet or batteries
  • Loudspeaker or headphone
  • Value to money
  • Modifiable touch response
  • One year warranty


The Alesis Digital Piano is built with 88 full-sized keys that are partially weighted to create an acoustic piano-like experience. These keys have a modifiable touch response.

It features control on the tone via the layer mode or split mode. The reverb, pedal resonance, and chorus are modifiable too.

Fill up the entire room with your performance. The Alesis Recital Digital Piano is powered with its integrated 20-watt speakers and 128 note extreme note polyphony.

The Alesis Digital Piano has a “Lesson Mode” which is an advantage for both the piano teacher and student. This mode separates the keyboard into 2 areas with similar voice and pitch. It can be used simultaneously for tutorials and practices.

This digital piano can be powered by batteries. You can take it outdoors and perform without any power chords. You can also power it with a power outlet with an adapter when performing indoors.

You can choose from among the 5 most commonly used integrated voices—the electric piano, synth, acoustic piano, organ, and bass. You can also mix any of these voices to create a new tone or a fuller, richer tone.

You can listen to your performance through either the stereo headphone output or mixer, or amplifier.

You can also connect your computer to the digital piano. It has USB MIDI connectivity, so you can use instructional software or plugins.

The Alesis Digital Piano package comes with useful add-ons like the user guide, 3-month Skoove Premium subscription, music rest, and safety and warranty manual.

It can also be paired with a 6.35 mm sustain pedal (not included in the package).

Whether you’re a piano teacher or a student, this Alesis Digital Piano is very useful and practical.

Alesis Digital Piano has a lot of features that have many advantages. But just like any other product, it has flaws too.



As stated above, this is an entry-level unit and it might not appeal to the needs of professionals or keyboardists who already have an ear for high-quality digital piano sounds. Advanced models, of course, come with a wider selection of tones and features which professionals can experiment with.

Piano sound is not as excellent as other digital pianos of well-known manufacturers who produce acoustic pianos.

Another drawback of this unit is that the product comes with plastic keys. If your hands tend to sweat while playing the keyboard, expect your fingers to slip a lot around on the surface.

Only one pedal (sustain) can be attached.


A digital piano is a cost-effective alternative to an acoustic piano. It is recommended for beginners who want to experience the world of playing the piano without breaking the bank.

The Alesis Digital Piano has a lot of practical features that both piano teachers and students can benefit from. It has excellent sound quality, solid build, and a modifiable touch response that feel like a real acoustic piano. It can be connected to a headphone for private listening or to a loudspeaker for a public performance.

The Alesis Digital Piano is easy to use and versatile. The “Lesson Mode” separates the keyboard into 2 areas with the same pitch and voice. This is an advantage for piano lessons because two users can play the piano at the same time. At an affordable price, you can have all you need to learn and play the piano.

Consider buying Alesis Recital Beginner Digital Piano and become immersed in the world of piano music. Happy playing!

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