Best Online Piano Lessons

Best Online Piano Lessons
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Now that you have a piano, how do you learn to play it is the next question.

There are mainly two methods: learn in person from a professional teacher or self-teach. Within each method, there are a few options as well.

  1. Learn in person
  2. Self-teach through books, ebooks, or online courses




Learn at a local studio

  • One-on-one instruction and individual attention
  • Regular lesson, more disciplined
  • Most likely offers better environment and resources
  • May have opportunities to perform at recitals
  • Need to physically go to the studio
  • May not fit into schedule
  • Could be expensive

Have a teacher come to your house

  • One-on-one instruction and individual attention
  • Regular lesson, more disciplined
  • Children feel comfortable being at home
  • Can fit into your schedule
  • No need to travel
  • May have opportunities to perform at recitals
  • Could be more expensive as the teacher travels
  • Need to have an adequate quality piano and space, quiet environment at home

Learn through books, eBooks

  • Can learn at your own pace
  • No set schedule
  • Inexpensive
  • No discipline as you can do any time
  • No individual attention by a professional instructor
  • Not sure if the course is right or not until you try
  • May not have any audio-visual aids

Online courses

  • Can learn at your own pace
  • No set schedule
  • Can learn from anywhere in the world
  • Inexpensive
  • Some are interactive
  • No discipline as you can do any time if it is not scheduled at a certain interval
  • A professional instructor may not be available
  • Not sure if the course is right or not until you try

There is nothing better than having a qualified piano teacher teach you, however, for many people who are busy with jobs or family, going to a studio once a week or having someone at home every week is not an option. Even for children who are busy with extracurricular activities, it is difficult to fit piano lessons into their weekly routine. 

Online courses or lessons with some audio-visual material are better options for those people. You can practice any time at your own pace and if you have a digital piano that has a headphone jack, which most digital piano do, you can practice whenever you have time whether it is at night or weekends. That is probably the most important advantage in learning by yourself, using a good material. 

Of course, there is no one-on-one attention, which may negatively affect your learning speed and there is a risk that you may be doing something wrong and will not notice for a long time as nobody corrects you.

Another aspect of self-learning is that there is no opportunity to show off your skills at recitals, which students learning in studios most likely have. Having recitals is a good motivation for students to practice as you have a concrete goal to master songs that you play at the recital. 

However, you may already have knowledge of other music instruments and you just need to learn how to play the keyboard or piano, or you just want to play for your leisure. In that case, performing at recitals may not be important.

As you can see, there are some cons in learning by yourself, using online material, however, there are many pros as listed above. 

There are many online courses and eBooks available online.

There are two methods in learning how to play the piano: one is to learn how to read notes and practice playing notes while the second method is to learn chords first and play. More traditional way is to learn how to read notes (sheet music) and practice, however, a lot of singers and musicians start from chords as learning chords is essential if you want to compose music pieces. 

Which is better depends on what you want to accomplish. You need to master both if you want to become a professional musician; if you already know how to read sheet music, but want to learn how to create your own song, you need to learn chords. How you want to get to the goal is different from person to person. 

Below are some of the online programs that are evaluated highly by users.

Product Name




$39 one time payment.

$49 with a DVD.

  • 10 eBooks, 200 videos and 500 audios
  • Learn rhythms and chords to ultimately learn to play any music in any style.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

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$1 for 14-day trial.

$27 per month after trial.

  • A 30-day video program
  • Thousands of music sheets
  • Online music tools and resources
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

$0.99 for 30 days.  

$229 annual subscription

  • Video tutorials
  • Fresh contents
  • Forums
  • Theory lessons
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