Hamzer 61 Key Electronic Keyboard Piano Review

Hamzer 61 Key Electronic Music Electric Keyboard Piano Review
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The keyboard has turned into a prolific musical instrument due to the rise of electronic music in the 1970s.

If you cannot afford a genuine acoustic piano or a digital piano, or think you do not have enough space for it, a keyboard is a great alternative. If you want to learn how to play the instrument without the added expenses, a keyboard like the Hamzer 61-Key Digital Piano may be your best bet. Here is a keyboard that has been well received by customers.

Just to see what keyboard it is, this model is introduced today as a representative of keyboards for reference as opposed to a digital piano.

Features of the Hamzer 61 Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard

  • Has a nice variety of digital sounds from 100 rhythms, 100 timbres, 61 keyboard percussions and 8 percussions
  • Comes with dual mode
  • Includes 12 demo songs
  • Has 46 level tempo control
  • Includes recording and playback features
  • Comes with headphone, speaker outputs and a jack for microphones

If you love the sound and the look of a piano and you want to learn how to play such an instrument, one of the hardest tasks is choosing between the acoustic and the digital piano. Digital pianos today are more advanced thanks to new technologies. The instrument is now provided with a sound that feels extremely similar to an actual acoustic piano.

However, a good digital piano is still more expensive than a keyboard. If you just want to get the feel of a keyboard instrument or enjoy playing a keyboard instrument while creating music with different sounds and rhythms, this Hamzer product is a good option.

Remember that a digital piano and a keyboard are different. A digital piano imitates a traditional acoustic piano from appearance to sound while a keyboard has a piano-like keys yet the keys and their sounds may not necessarily the same as acoustic pianos.

You can read more about the difference between a keyboard and a digital piano in the article “Digital Piano or Keyboard: What’s The Difference?

Since this is not a digital piano that imitates an acoustic piano,

  • there are only 61 keys, not 88 keys like an acoustic piano,
  • the size of the key is not the same as that of an acoustic piano is it is smaller,
  • the keys are not weighted and graded like acoustic piano,
  • no pedal comes with it.

If you are looking for an experience similar to playing an acoustic piano, then, definitely, this is not a good product because the feel and touch of the keys are not the same and the quality of the sound is quite different from that of acoustic pianos. This is more for those people who want to play keyboard instruments for fun.

For people who live in smaller homes and apartments that have limited space, this model is definitely a good option as it does not take much space in the room in your house or apartment. You can also travel with it because they are lightweight and the smaller build, which makes it a breeze to transport.

This model has a recording function, which an acoustic piano does not have. Acoustic pianos do not have volume control, either. The keyboard comes with headphone jacks so you can practice at night without disturbing anyone in the house or the neighbors.


This Hamzer model comes with a price tag that you will feel comfortable with. Even though its price is affordable, it does have modern features that you can play with. While its design is quite plain, it does very well in terms of performance. The broad range of sounds that were installed on it, its playback and recording functions and an easy-to-see LED display are just some of the good points that are found on this model.

This is an affordable model that students and the budget-conscious consumer will appreciate. The instinctive commands are nice for individuals who want to learn how to play a keyboard instrument. It is a good starting keyboard for a home-based recording setup as well.


As stated above, one drawback of this model is that this model has only 61 keys while a traditional acoustic piano has 88 keys. The size of a key is 20mm where the traditional key width is 23.5mm and the individual keys are not weighted and graded like acoustic piano keys.

No pedals can be attached and there is no USB port. You cannot connect this model to the computer or iPad.

You would want full 88 keys with the same size key as the traditional acoustic kind if you are planning on playing on an acoustic piano some day or want to play a piece that requires all keys. However, if you want a simple keyboard that you can play on casually, this is a good option at this price range.

Hamzer as a company is not well-known and with the absence of even the company website, customer service is a concern in case you encounter some issues with the product.


The Hamzer 61-Key Digital Piano is an excellent instrument for beginners who are interested in learning how to play the keyboard. It comes at an affordable price, has a great sound and selection of tones. However, the number of keys is only 61 keys with a reduced size keys, which is detrimental if you plan on playing on a traditional piano some day.

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