Piano101: How Does a Digital Piano Work?

How Digital Piano Work
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Digital pianos have become a popular alternative to acoustic pianos. Many traveling musicians, including rock bands, experimental music groups, and jazz groups use a digital piano because it is convenient and lightweight. It is also an affordable instrument to introduce someone to the world of piano music. How does a digital piano work? What creates the acoustic piano-like sound?

In the traditional piano, the mechanism of how each note is generated is very complicated, but to simply put, it can be summarized as follows: when your finger press the keys, they move the hammers to strike the strings, whose vibration is transmitted to the soundboard to create sounds.

In case of the digital piano, each key is like a switch that can be turned on and off. Sounds from high-quality acoustic pianos are digitized and stored in the memory of the digital piano and when each key is pressed, the sound of the key is reproduced. In a way, it is like a computer.

Similarly, sounds of other instruments can be stored in the digital piano, which is why you see different voices in digital pianos available in the market today. Having sounds from different instruments can give you more enhanced and fun experience as you play music with different musical instruments.

Now, what sound from what acoustic pianos are taken to be stored in digital pianos differ in each manufacture. The method to sample each note is different as well. The quality of original acoustic piano sound itself is one of the factors to determine the resulting quality of sound along with speakers.

The digital piano is portable, light-weight, and relatively inexpensive, considering how expensive a high quality acoustic piano can be. Tuning is not required unlike the traditional kind that requires tuning once or twice a year to maintain accurate sounds. For parents who hope their children to be exposed to music or learn how to play the piano, a digital piano is a good starting point with less investment. Once children enjoy playing the piano and wish to further hone their skills, you can consider purchasing a real piano.

You can check some of the best digital pianos for beginners available today and see which one best suits your needs and budget.


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