How to Sing and Play the Piano at the Same Time

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Haven't you ever dreamed of singing and playing the piano at the same time? It looks so cool, isn't it? Professional musicians make it look like it is so easy to sing and play a musical instrument simultaneously, but it takes some patience and practice until you can do both naturally. 

Today, we have a post from Cameron at The Singer's Corner on this subject.

How to Sing and Play the Piano at the Same Time

If you’ve always wanted to play the piano and sing at the same time, you’re not alone. So many professionals are seen both playing their musical instrument and singing at the same time without missing a beat or messing up a note. How do they do it? Luckily, there are a few ways to practice playing the piano and singing at the same time to help you get comfortable with it and learn the skills. Here is what you need to know.

Start Separately

The best way to practice both singing and playing the piano simultaneously is by practicing each of them separately. The key here is to get particularly skilled at each before trying to put them together. Take some time to map out a practice schedule, one where you practice singing for a bit then practice piano. 30 minutes spent on either thing should be adequate to help you learn the skills of each before putting them together for a grand performance. Try giving yourself a day to spend on singing then a day to spend on playing. Once you feel comfortable, you can add them on the same day using the half an hour method mentioned above. This will help you get used to doing both in the same allotted time. Eventually, you can practice them together.

Practice Regularly

Not only should you be practicing them separately, to begin with, but you need to be practicing regularly as well. Spending at least an hour every day practicing can help you get the basics down and begin putting the two together for your performance. It is just like working out. You cannot build a muscle if you do not work it and stretch it regularly. Playing the piano and singing are the same thing. Practicing regularly will keep those mental and physical muscles needed strong, so when it comes time to use them, you are prepared. A great practice tip is to allow yourself time each day to practice, breaking it up into sections at first. Once you get the hang of doing both, you can practice them together for the entire allotted time.

Find the Correct Posture

Before you can begin putting them together, you need to be finding the right posture at the piano. Since you are singing, you need a posture to help you breathe better during the song. Flexibility in the spine is key to helping you both play adequately and sing to the best of your ability. Plus, when you sit up straight at the piano, you will look better as you perform. Once you have your posture down pat, you can then adjust your mic to your correct posture before you begin playing. This will ensure that everyone can hear you as you sing. Practice sitting up straight when you got to play, and practice singing at the piano so your body can become accustomed to singing while sitting down.

Play Lightly

When you first begin putting both your piano playing and singing together, there is a little something you can do to help you feel comfortable with both. Playing the piano lightly and singing loudly is a great way to get yourself used to the skills needed to do both singing and playing at the same time. Playing lightly with your fingers also helps you reduce any tension that might be in your shoulders or arms that might throw you off balance while trying to sing. Just by keeping your wrists, hands, and fingers light, you can open your body up more while you sing to project better as you learn the ins and outs of playing and singing together.


One of the keys to being skilled at both playing and singing together is just to relax. You should not be feeling stressed or uptight because your performance will suffer. Instead, take a few deep breaths before you sit down at the piano or keyboard, close your eyes, and relax. In this way, you can perform better, focus more, and feel more comfortable doing what you’ve been practicing for so long. If you get particularly nervous in front of crowds, just doing a little meditation before you take the stage to play and sing. You can then help yourself relax before you get on stage to help better your performance overall.


Learning how to sing and play the piano at the same time is not always easy. In fact, it doesn’t come easy to many people, and professional singers have been practicing these skills for many years. If you want to achieve these same goals, there are several tips you can implement to help you practice and improve your skills overall. Start off slow and remember that it is going to take practice on a regular basis. If you help train your body for good posture and to relax before a performance, you can put more focus into your skills to help you feel more comfortable at the piano and help your performance in the end. Learning to play the piano and sing simultaneously is hard, but it is not impossible. With a little hard work and practice, you too can sound like the greats.

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