Korg B1SP 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano Review

Korg B1SP 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano Review
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A digital piano with weighted keys is a recommended model for people who want to play an acoustic piano. Models with weighted keys provide a more genuine, organic feel to the keyboard similar to the acoustic piano. It is a great means for practicing or training for beginners.

There are many digital pianos with weighted keys on the market, however selecting a good one can be a struggle. One solution to make easier decisions is through reading product reviews. You can start with this review of the Korg B1 Digital Piano.

Korg is a Japanese manufacture that has been in the music market since 1963, but mostly known for synthesizers and other digital instruments such as keyboards, MIDI controllers, audio equipment. Korg does not have acoustic pianos.

This B1 model is very compact and light weight, suitable for different levels of beginner pianists. It has 88 natural weighted hammer keys, which means pianists can enjoy more realistic piano experience in terms of action, depth and range of performance.

Features of the Korg B1SP 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano

  • Comes with 88 weighted hammer-action keys
  • 8 tones
  • Maximum polyphony of 120
  • Integrated stereo sound system with MFB (Motional Feedback) Servo advancements
  • 3 pedals — soft, sostenuto and damper
  • Modern design
  • Pedal board includes AC adapter sheet stand and piano bench

If you want to play quality music and give a great performance, a great piano will help you in your endeavors. For those who prioritize excellent sound and performance, you can give this Korg model a spin.

This is a model that is great for beginners and people who do not have that much experience when it comes to playing this kind of instrument. This model includes a 3-pedal unit plus a furniture stand so you can immediately get down practicing and honing your craft.

It is a no-brainer that Korg is one of the most trusted and dependable brands in the music industry. The company designed and developed this digital piano model relying on the vision of the man who established the brand, Tsutomu Katoh.

Katoh founded the company together with Tadashi Osanai in Tokyo, Japan in the early 1960s and the brand soon after brought about changes in the music industry. The company seeks to create highly innovative products which will help improve the performance of the musical artist.

This model has been designed to reproduce the deep and lush tones of a genuine acoustic piano. It is lightweight and compact which is outfitted with motional feedback technology, a full-range speaker or a passive radiator. Because of these components, the keyboard, in turn, generates a reverberating and deep digital piano sound quality.

You can rarely find a speaker system of this kind in the market at the moment. The distortion is reduced even at the lowest frequencies due to the presence of the MFB technology and active servo. MFB (Motional Feedback) Technology is a technology unique to Korg, which is utilized in the speaker system. The servo system feeds back the signal to compensate the mechanical response of the speaker to the amp according to the speed of the speaker cone movement. In this way, low-frequency range sounds are reproduced accurately.

These features guarantee the ideal frequency for a great sound. The technology also guarantees that the quality of sound draws a parallel to the room’s acoustics. The model comes with sounds from 3 acoustic pianos, 2 electric pianos, 2 organs, and one harpsichord.

These sounds ensure that beginners can familiarize themselves with the varying sounds. The keyboard also comes with 88 weighted hammer keys which means that the lower reaches have some heft to them while the upper reaches are a bit lighter, and this mimics the feel of an authentic piano. One advantage of this for beginners is that should they change over to an acoustic piano eventually, they will find playing an actual piano not that much of a challenge.

The design of the piano is polished, modern and very stylish. This is a portable, affordable model that will not take up too much room in your practice space. The unit also comes with a 3-pedal board and a stand since it is promoted as a bundle offer. The side panels are linked as well so users will not twist these items by accident.

In general, this Korg model is an affordable digital piano that comes with 88 natural weighted keys which will further train beginners. It is simple and easy to use, and it includes high-tech attributes in a sleek, elegant package. The keys in the higher tones are a bit lightweight compared to the lower register, and this means that pianists will be provided with an authentic feel of playing an actual piano.

The keys of this unit are made of high-quality materials and users can also set the piano-based on their needs. Lastly, the product includes a 3-pedal system so users can hold the sound up of particular notes whenever if need be.


  • 88 keys with Natural Weighted Hammer action
  • Includes sound from a concert grand piano
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Partner mode
  • Headphone connection
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for beginners


  • No LED display
  • Not for advanced pianists
  • 1 pedal (sustain) comes with it as a standard; 3 pedals are optional (Depends on a bundle deal or not)
  • No USB or MIDI capability
  • No recording capability



The Korg B1 Digital Piano is without a doubt, a model meant for beginners. It comes with an affordable price; however, it does not sound like a cheap digital piano at all. It has a quality sound, which will allow beginners to further hone their craft and learn how to play the instrument properly. This model comes with all the needed features and items beginners require to enhance their skills.

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