LAGRIMA 88-Key Digital Grand Piano Review

LAGRIMA 88-Key Digital Grand Piano
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There are many reasons that you might consider purchasing a digital piano for your home instead of a traditional piano. The most common one is the cost of a traditional upright or grand piano, which can be all but prohibitive.

Of course, there are also costly digital pianos, but when you start hunting for one, you can find an affordable but reliable model. One of the options that many consider as a great choice is the LAGRIMA 88-Key Digital Grand Piano. So, let’s take a closer look at this unit and determine if it is really a worthy purchase.

LAGRIMA 88-Key Digital Grand Piano

When you’re buying a digital piano instead of a traditional one, one of the biggest benefits is all the added digital features that you cannot find simply equipped to an acoustic-style piano. While there are of course some drawbacks in the world of digital pianos, many of these features stand out, which is enough to make it worth the switch!

The LAGRIMA 88 Key Digital Grand Piano is said to have many such features that are worth exploring. Let’s get started!


  • LCD Screen
  • 480 tone options
  • 200 preset rhythms
  • 80 demo songs
  • Headphone jack and stereo input/output
  • Split-tone permissible
  • Includes USB/MIDI terminals
  • Includes an adapter and a manual
  • Three soft pedals
  • Recording and playback features
  • One-finger chord play option
  • Semi-weighted keys
  • “Touch pressure” option


  • Bright piano sound
  • Full keys
  • Multiple tone options
  • Tones can be split between your hands
  • Can record and playback immediately
  • Can play with lighter or heavier finger touches


  • Keys have a spring resistance feel rather than a weighted feel
  • Speakers face the floor
  • Manual not descriptive enough
  • Confusing assembly instructions

A Better Understanding of the Product

Definitely, not all of us understand all the technicalities of a piano that we have listed above, so let us give you a brief discussion of what the LAGRIMA 88-Key Digital Grand Piano really has to offer.

  • Keyboard

First, let’s talk about the keyboard itself. This console piano comes equipped with a full 88-key setup. Some digital pianos cut keys to save space, but this is a full piano.

Additionally, the keys are semi-weight and have a touch pressure feature. While you won’t get the soft feel of a weighted piano key as you would on a traditional one, the option to have the keys respond specifically to your touch is very beneficial for some players, and that is the biggest advantage of this piano.

  • Sound and Tones

Next, let’s talk about the tones available with this piano. Every digital piano has a number of different pre-programmed tones and rhythms. This particular digital piano has over 200 rhythms and 128 standard GM tones. With these tones, you can change the sound that you are playing with a touch of a button.

Another cool feature that this keyboard offers is that you can split tones between your hands. So, half the keyboard can be set to one tone while the other is different. This offers unique versatility in your playing and gives you the ability to create interesting and unheard sounds while playing.

LAGRIMA Digital Piano is a simple but effective piano which has a bright sound. While the speakers do face the floor and cause somewhat of a bounce effect, the overall sound output is very high quality.

  • Instruction Manual

One thing that we have to mention about this piano is that it does come disassembled. While it’s not incredibly hard to assemble, the instructions include no words and are simply pictures of what you should do. This can be frustrating for those who aren’t inclined to be handy, but it is possible to put the piano successfully with only mild frustration.

Overall, the included manual could be improved. It lacks information about some features, so the best way to learn about the piano is to simply play with it! Thankfully, the digital piano is also equipped with a digital LCD screen which makes it easy to know what adjustments you are making while you learn about the piano.

  • Bonus Features

Finally, let’s talk about the included hookups with this piano. First, it comes with a basic three-pedal system that can be easily connected. The piano has record and playback options, and there are easy-to-use headphone and stereo inputs/outputs. Finally, there is also a USB/MIDI hookup connection on the back of the piano for both input and output recording purposes.

With all of these hookups, it becomes easy to use your piano for more than just practice. You can create demos, listen to your playing over headphones for quieter practice, and even use a synthesizer alongside your piano for performance purposes.


We understand that the LAGRIMA 88-Key Digital Grand Piano is not going to be what everyone is looking for when investing in a digital piano. Hence, we’ve found another option that may suit your needs better if you want something a bit more high end from a name brand that has been recognized for its quality for many years.

Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano can provide just that. Yamaha is one of the best-known piano brands for both digital and acoustic pianos, and this model does an even better job of replicating a traditional piano experience.

From the tone to the weight of the keys, you’ll find that the P-45 is a great replica of the traditional piano experience while still offering digital features, but of course, all of these match the hefty price tag. Additionally, the pedal system that comes with this is not of the traditional style, unlike the one from LAGRIMA.

Nevertheless, if you prefer to buy a digital piano with a more traditional acoustic sound and GHS weighted keys, turning to the Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano is probably a better option for you.

Our Verdict

The LAGRIMA 88-Key Digital Grand Piano is a simple but well-featured digital piano that does a great job, without the cost of an acoustic, traditional piano. From a wide variety of tones to easy options for hooking up various electronic equipment to the keyboard, you have it all with this model.

While the drawbacks of the key weight and speaker location can cause some people to be put off by this model, it’s a great piano that will work for many pianists of any skill level.

All-in-all, this LAGRIMA digital piano has everything that you need to create a great piano practice space at home or in your studio without spending too much money.

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