Piano vs Guitar: Which is Easier to Learn for Beginners?

guitar vs piano
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Piano vs Guitar: Which is Easier to learn for beginners?

Today, we have an article that explains piano vs. guitar from a friend at GuitarListy.com.

Guitars are one of the most common and popular instruments, just like pianos, to learn for any age from children through youth to adults.

I hope you have a better understanding of the differences between the piano and the guitar in learning after reading the following article.

Piano vs. Guitar

A lot of people are very much interested in learning any kind of musical instruments! It may be a string instrument or percussion or brass and keyboard! It mainly depends on the choice and taste of the person who wants to learn a particular instrument.

Learning to play any kind of musical instruments is most common in an adult’s life and there is no one who doesn’t love music. Learning any kind of musical instrument is tough, but if you start to love it, it is never hard or tiresome for you! Mastering an instrument has a reputation as a young person’s game only. But a number of people start embracing and learning musical instrument late in life. Many people get to enjoy their leisure time late in life and also the financial benefit for which they start to learn any musical instrument.

This article is about a comparison between piano and guitar to let you realize which is easier for you to learn! Though this is a very controversial topic, this article will help you in choosing the best instrument among these two which you would think is compatible with you!

Learning to play guitar

One of the most popular musical string instruments is guitar undoubtedly and a huge number of people have engaged to master in it! The guitar is a fretted instrument. Normally a guitar consists of 6 strings and it can be many more! Normal guitars are 3 types; that is acoustic, electrical and bass. It is played by holding the strings in different chords and positions in one hand on the fretboard and plucking or strumming the strings. These strings are made up of steel or nylon materials. The body of the guitar is made up of wood only.

All the guitars out there do have their own humble story! Some are inherited from family and some are bought from shops. Guitars are broadly classified into two categories that are Acoustic and electric. So before starting anything, you must decide what genre of music you want to learn and then only you buy a guitar. Though everyone starts learning guitar by playing acoustic ones and then shifts to electric, you do need to have a clear idea about its types so that you can make your mind!

A clear idea about guitar and its types:

Acoustic Guitars: The main thing that acoustic guitars are different from others is that you can play them without any electric supply and thus you don't have to know a lot of technical knowledge to understand the system. The bridge is one of the essential parts of this hollow frame except for the strings and frets. The bridge helps to transmit vibration to the body when strings are plucked. These guitars are cheaper than other versions. The acoustic guitar is much simpler and easier to play and they can be classified into two more categories.

  • Classical and Flamenco Guitar: These are very hard to play and are generally played by experienced players. The sound it produces is very soft with a mellow tone. These guitars use nylon strings.
  • Steel-stringed Guitar: These guitars as the name sound uses steel strings and are very much used in pop, blues, rock and also country music. These hard strings cause pain on your fingertips and gradually develop calluses. They are loud and easier to learn and much more versatile than the previous class of guitar.

Beginners should avoid using classical guitars at first since the wider neck creates a problem for them to hold chord shapes which makes the learning harder and also more frustrating. 

 Electric Guitars: Once you have passed a significant time playing acoustic guitar it’s time for you to move to electric guitars. These guitars are very heavy and the fretboard is much larger than normal acoustic guitars. You do need a cable as well as an amplifier in order to get a sound.

Electric guitars are mainly three types. One is the normal one, and the other two are:

  • Semi Acoustic: It is a hybrid of the electric and acoustic guitar which needs a sound box with a minimum of 1 or more pickups.
  • Bass Guitar: These guitars only consist of 4 strings. They are deep, very thick and produce low tones. They also require an amplifier and are used by experienced players. Bass guitar is the toughest one of all and is definitely not suggested for learners.

Up till now, you should have understood what type of guitar you need to start building your own musical empire. You can visit here to know more important things about guitars.

Learning to play Piano

Invented in Italy, Piano is an acoustic, stringed instrument which is played by a keyboard. By the help of the keyboard, the metal strings are struck by hammers which produce melodic sounds! In order to play a keyboard, the person has to use all five fingers of both hands to press down rows of keys in front. The more you force the keys down the harder it will cause the hammer to strike, which will result in a louder noise.

A clear idea about Piano and its types:

Vertical Pianos: They are called so because of their height and also the position of the strings. It is the most common because of its low cost, warm sound and also compactness.

There are also a number of types of vertical pianos such as:

  • Spinet
  • Consolette
  • Console
  • Studio
  • Professional or full size

These are classified according to size and styles.

Grand Piano

It is the largest of all pianos and they are also called horizontal pianos. They are huge in size and sometimes are as big as 4 ft wide. Keys are  made of wood with  ivory coating. The standard grand piano has a total of 88 keys

Grand pianos are also divided into many classes, mainly depending on size. They are:

  • Petite Grand
  • Baby Grand
  • Medium Grand
  • Semi-Concert Grand
  • Concert Grand

Digital Pianos: these are very good for moving performers and also beginners. They are affordable but they can’t produce as high quality sound as acoustic ones. The main feature of this electric keyboard is that you can produce sounds of other instruments like choir, organ, guitar and also percussion.

Hopefully, by now, you have understood the ways of piano and also decided which type of piano you require.

 The technical division between Guitar and Piano

The piano is a much more basic and easier instrument to play.  A lot of study says that a number of kids and also adults have succeeded learning guitar while many became frustrated because of the difficulties they faced while learning it.

You have to only press a key in piano to produce a sound where in case of guitar you need to hold strings and then pick to produce a sound which makes playing piano less-complex.

Final verdict

Although playing guitar is a “cool stuff” nowadays, there are a lot of difficulties you need to overcome first, while piano provides you the best comprehensive understanding of the working of music. Children growing older will develop a taste of pop culture but you should all remember they are both excellent instruments. All instruments are tough but if you enjoy playing the instrument it won’t make you feel it’s harder. The more you practice the more you learn better!

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