Why A Digital Piano for Beginners Is A Smart Buy?

Why Electric Piano for Beginners Are Smart Buy?
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The piano is one of the most popular, classical musical instruments played around the world. Learning how to play it can bring a real sense of accomplishment.

However, an acoustic piano is very expensive. For a beginner who needs a basic understanding of playing a piano, or a child who you want to be introduced to the world of music, an acoustic piano might be too expensive. Many people recommend a digital piano for beginners.

Why is a digital piano for beginners a smart buy?

First and foremost, a digital piano is created to replicate the features, sound quality, and capabilities of an acoustic piano.

There are few reasons why a digital piano is recommended for beginners. These are:


A digital piano is great alternative to acoustic piano primarily because it’s much more affordable. It is a smart choice for beginners who are learning the basics and feel of playing a piano.

For parents, it is a good way to introduce their kids to the world of music. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money while you are uncertain if your children really want to pursue playing a piano.

Good reproduction of acoustic piano

Although a digital piano does not produce sounds as good as the acoustic piano sounds, it is a good reproduction. It is made to imitate the features and qualities of an original acoustic piano.

It has weighted key action just like an acoustic piano, which makes the keys feel more like a grand piano. Hence, you won’t have any problem adjusting when you finally play a real acoustic piano.


A digital piano is typically smaller than an acoustic piano. It is generally lightweight and more compact. It can be taken anywhere, put inside a trunk, and conveniently carried without hassle if you need to take it to a venue of your performance.

Even for home use, you can easily move from one room to another or when you need to move, you can move with other items in the house while you need a special mover were it for an acoustic piano.

If you live in an apartment or small house, securing space for an acoustic piano may not be possible. A digital piano can take up less space; it is even more so if you choose one without a stand. You can put on a desk or table to practice and store it away in a closet when not in use.

No disturbance to others

Music from an acoustic piano is very relaxing to hear if the pianist is good, however, no one is born to be a great pianist from the beginning. Practice makes it perfect. You need hours and hours of practice to be better. While some people can afford to purchase an acoustic piano and practice whenever he/she wants, some people simply cannot afford an acoustic piano. On top of it, some people may have family members who do not appreciate listening to piano sound at night when a soon-to-be pianist is practicing. Or neighbors may be annoyed by nightly practice. To solve such issues, digital pianos have headphones jacks so that you can practice on your own without disturbing others. This is one of the reasons why people choose a digital piano. It is helpful for beginners to be able to listen to your performance through headphones to improve.

Extra sounds

A digital piano usually comes with different bells and whistles, and other instrumental sounds. The most commonly used are the acoustic piano, electric piano, jazz organ, acoustic bass, string guitar, and more.

It gives you an added joy that you cannot experience from the acoustic piano. It allows you to feel you are better because your performance can create more authentic music pieces with the help of other instrument sounds.

While it is fun and gives you more choices, you’ll more likely to forget to use most of these sounds. It might be more practical to buy a digital piano with the few extra sounds that you will use the most.

Educational contents

Some digital pianos come with educational material built in so that you can play along and practice. It is always best to be taught by a qualified teacher, however if you cannot afford taking lessons whether it is from financial reasons or time commitment, support from your digital piano is a good alternative. Some have built-in programs and some may offer programs online. You can certainly use online courses with an acoustic piano, however, it is much easier to connect your digital piano to your computer and follow the lessons.

Best-selling digital piano for beginners

The following are few of the top selling digital pianos for beginners.

Yamaha P115 88-key Weighted Action Digital Piano

Yamaha is one of the top manufacturers of pianos. Its P115 Digital Piano is great for beginners because it is affordable and has similar features to an acoustic piano.  It has 88 keys with weighted key action through the Grade Hammer Standard feature.

It produces vibrant and soulful sounds through its Pure CF Sound Engine that is also incorporated in the original Yamaha acoustic piano. It is integrated with different drum patterns and rhythms to accompany your performance. Configure and navigate its features and controls through its iOS-supported app.

Casio PX870 Privia Digital Home Piano

This Casio Digital Piano has 88 keys and a keyboard with three sensitivity levels and key-off simulator. It’s made with a hammer response, a mechanism that tries to replicate an acoustic piano to produce an excellent sound and experience.

Other features that help create acoustic piano-like sounds are the acoustic and intelligent resonator processor and grand piano lid imitation. It has a duet mode feature which allows two performers to play the piano simultaneously.

Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano

Kawai is a well-known company in the music world, who has been producing excellent acoustic pianos. This new ES110 has a new graded hammer key action for 88 keys and also has a new speaker system.

It has both split and layer modes to let the student and the teacher share the keyboard side by side or enjoy layering different tones from 19 voices that are built in.

A major advantage over other models at this price range is that this model has a Bluetooth capability. With superb sound at 192 polyphony and other features, this model offers tremendous values at an affordable price.


Learning a piano is so much fun and affordable with the right kind of digital piano. Get yours now and welcome to the world of piano music!

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