Yamaha DGX660 Digital Piano Review

yamaha dg-660
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The new Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Piano from Yamaha's Portable Grand series has a variety of interactive features, which means you can learn and play and even share music with others.  

Yamaha is a very well-known Japanese company in the world of music instruments. It provides a wide range of instruments from pianos to guitars, strings, and drums, and so on. Yamaha digital pianos are highly regarded in the digital piano industry. A variety of digital pianos are available, in which the prices of highest product line, Clavinova, is set at about MSRP of $4,000 to over $20.000 for a digital grand piano. You can learn more about Yamaha company in this article.

Yamaha DGX-660 lets you connect a microphone to sing  while playing and also you  can record your performance, too. A USB port is available for you to record your performance. 

Features of Yamaha DGX660

  • Connect a microphone immediately and record with effects
  • Wireless connection to iOS devices
  • Pure CF sound engine for superior sound
  • 88-key graded keyboard
  • LCD screen
  • 151 + 15 Drum/SFX Kits + 388 XGlite voices
  • 192 polyphony
  • Dual, split modes
  • Record in MIDI, Wav format
  • USB to Device capability

One of the most important aspects in digital pianos is how keys feel when you play. All digital pianos are supposed to mimic the feel and touch of an acoustic piano, however, it differs by manufactures and models. Yamaha DGX-660 uses GHS hammer action, which is Graded hammer Standard, "well suited for the beginner pianist and delivers the graded, weighted touch piano teachers recommend for building proper technique for playing acoustic pianos," according to Yamaha

What it means is that the keys are weighted just like an acoustic piano. You can feel a certain weight to it when you press a key, not like playing an organ. As you go lower down the keyboard, you feel it heavier to touch and conversely lighter as you go to the higher notes. That is what graded means. It is important to have weighted keys so that you are used to the feel of it in case you move to an acoustic piano in the future.

One of the features that this model can utilize is the app called Yamaha Chord Tracker. The app can track chords of any music you play on your iOS device and lets you transpose, play faster / slower, and even shows notes on sheet music. It also shows on keys to tell you which keys to play. It is a very interesting method to learn chords and how to play. 

Usually, when children start learning how to play the piano, they learn from sheet music, however, if you already know how to read sheet music, but need to learn chords, this might be useful. There is an interesting course called Piano for All, which is based on chords. If you want to learn how to play by chords, you may want to check it out. 

You can see what Yamaha Chord Tracker is better in this video below.

This model has a nice LCD screen, which is not always available in digital pianos at this price range. 

554 voices available in this model is impressive, too. You can virtually play with any sounds or rhythm and effects you would want.

You can use different environment setting such as a concert hall, stage, etc. or with the virtual piano lid closed or opened, which is a very unique feature.

6 tracks of recording available in this model is useful for people who want to record his/her performance and later practice with singing, etc. The format of recording can be in wav. form, which is not always offered in other brands. 

It is a "portable grand," however, with the keyboard stand, it is 61 lb. 12 oz. Without the stand, it is 46 lb. 5 oz., which may be a little bit heavy to carry around easily. For those people who need to carry the instrument frequently, Yamaha P115 may be a better choice. You can read the details of P-115 in this article.

You can see the overview of this model in the following video.



  • check
    Pure concert grand sound
  • check
    ​151 + 15 Drum/SFX Kits + 388 XGlite voices
  • check
    LCD screen
  • check
    Learning feature
  • check
    Superior connectivity (USB, optional wireless)
  • check
    Recording in wav. format
  • check
    May be too heavy to carry around
  • check
    May not be suitable for children as educational material is using chords

Photo by Jaclyn Clark on Unsplash

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