Yamaha P115 Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano Review
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Dreaming of an acoustic piano that costs a huge amount of money to buy? Why not buy something similar and save some money? Yes, you can buy a more affordable piano with almost the same sound and specs as an acoustic piano. This kind of piano is the digital piano.

A digital piano is composed of keys, pedals and other mechanical parts but it is basically made of chips, switches, wires, circuit boards, hard drive, etc.

Compared to an acoustic piano, the digital piano does not requires regular tuning. Generally speaking, it is less durable and may last for a certain number of years if you play frequently, while an acoustic piano is very durable and can last a lifetime. The keys of a digital piano are weighted similar to those of an acoustic piano.

Digital pianos are suitable for beginners and for children who want to experience music. Here’s one good brand of an digital piano: the Yamaha P115 Digital Piano.

Features of the Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

  • Has 88 weighted keys from Graded Hammer Standard of Yamaha to mimic acoustic piano and give a full and satisfying musical experience
  • Includes 14 varying voices which also includes digital sample tones from authentic Yamaha grand pianos
  • Allows use of split and dual mode for splitting the keyboard into two (split) and putting together two voices like strings and piano (duo)
  • Includes a sustain pedal
  • Comes with modern sleek design
  • Lightweight and compact model
  • 7W x 2 speakers


The Yamaha P115 88-key Digital Piano has features almost the same as an acoustic piano. It has 88 keys and an excellent key action similar to an acoustic piano through Yamaha’s graded hammer standard (GHS). It is original to every key press to give you an experience of a real acoustic piano.

The black keys have a matte texture and are less slippery even in long hours of playing tunes.

It has the Pure CF Sound Engine that is a good reproduction of Yamaha’s 9 inch CFIIIS grand piano. The engine helps create impressive dynamics and soulfulness that’s very similar to a grand piano. The polyphony is 192, which is enough for a beginner to intermediate pianists.

The location of the tweeter is enhanced to be in line with the performer’s ears. This results in brighter and more expressive treble passages and melodies.

Play with an accompaniment to make your tunes more lively and vibrant. This Yamaha P115 88-key Digital Piano comes with pianist styles that make a simple chord a full piano accompaniment. Simply key in a chord and this feature will transform it into a full accompaniment.

Aside from the pianist styles, the Yamaha P115 88-key Digital Piano is integrated with a variety of drum rhythms and patterns such as basic rock, shuffle and swing beats. It’s a great addition to your performances and practices.

The Yamaha P115 88-key Digital Piano comes with a Controller App for iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices. The app contains easy graphic user interface for convenient configuration.

Power up your performance! The Yamaha P115 88-key Digital Piano has auxiliary out jacks to an external amp or loudspeaker.

Compared to other digital pianos, this Yamaha brand comes with a 3 year warranty on parts to guarantee quality and nonstop performance.

The Yamaha P115 88-key Digital Piano is an excellent digital piano brand. Learn more about its qualities by reading its lists of pros and cons below.


No MIDI output.

No “USB to Device” capability.


A digital piano is a very good alternative to an acoustic piano. It reproduces the sounds of an acoustic piano at an affordable price. One good digital piano from a reputable brand is the Yamaha P115 Digital Piano. It has a Pure CF Sound Engine that has the sound of Yamaha’s CFIIIS concert piano. Hence, it sounds like an acoustic piano with more dynamics and soulfulness.

The keys are matte finished and less slippery. Although they feel a bit like plastic, these keys are weighted just like the keys of an acoustic piano. It also features built-in rhythms to accompany your performance.

The sound can fill up a live event or party via the ¼ inch jack to an external speaker.

The Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano also comes with an iOS app for easier configuration and navigation. It is an almost complete digital piano that gives the experience and feeling of an acoustic piano.

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