Yamaha YDP143 Arius Series Console Digital Piano Review

Yamaha YDP143B Arius Series Console Digital Piano Review
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Learning a piano at home doesn’t have to be very expensive. There’s a good alternative to the acoustic piano that sound just almost the same, thanks to manufacturers who continuously improve on their models of the digital piano.

A digital piano has a good reproduction of features and capabilities of an acoustic piano. It is more compact and lightweight, which makes it very convenient to transfer from one place to another. It has weighted key action that feels almost the same as an acoustic piano. And most importantly, it is much cheaper than an acoustic piano.

For beginners, a digital piano is an excellent substitute for acoustic piano. It has mechanisms that try to reproduce the sound quality of the acoustic piano. It has key action with weight keys that feels like the acoustic piano. It comes in different brands and models with different specs and features.

There are hundreds of digital piano brands, but which ones are of good quality? As a beginner, it’s difficult to purchase a digital piano that suits your needs. The features that you must consider are the weighted key action, sound quality, extra sounds, and number of key notes. Some modern digital pianos also come with iOS and/or Android supported app.

Here’s one good digital piano brand: the Yamaha YDP143 Arius Series Digital Piano

Yamaha is a very well-known Japanese company in the world of music instruments. It provides a wide range of instruments from pianos to guitars, strings, and drums and Yamaha digital pianos are highly regarded in the world of digital piano industry. A variety of digital pianos are available, in which the prices of highest product line, Clavinova, is set at about MSRP of $4,000 to over $20.000 for a digital grand piano.

This product line, Arius, is the next in line following Clavinova. There are many models within the Arius product line and this model, Arius YDP-143 is an entry model.

Features of the Yamaha YDP143 Arius Series Console Digital Piano

This Yamaha YDP143B Digital Piano is loaded with features and capabilities. The most important feature has to do with sound quality of an acoustic piano. The sound of the Yamaha Arius YDP-143 digital piano is taken from Yamaha’s renown CFIIIS 9-foot concert acoustic grand piano, using its Pure CF Engine technology. Pure sound is extracted from the piano, which enables to reproduce authentic sound faithfully with expressions and dynamics.

The Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard action reproduces very similar hammer action inside an acoustic piano, providing lighter touch on higher notes and heavier touch on lower notes. Weighted keys are very important in developing finger technique and strength required in playing a real acoustic piano should you consider moving up to an acoustic piano in the future.

The keys are matte finished, which makes it less slippery when you play for an extended period of time.

The Yamaha Arius YDP143B Digital Piano has a built-in half damper pedal that generates fuller and more subtle control. It lets you sustain notes of different lengths from slight to full. Damper Resonance digitally recreates acoustic piano depth of tone when the pedal is used.

The model offers 192 note polyphony, which means you can play many notes without dropping any. You can enjoy playing with different instruments available on the piano.

With a standard USB cable connector, you can connect the piano to your phone, laptop, etc. The app called Digital Piano Controller adds more functionality to the Yamaha YDP143B Digital Piano. It has an easy-to-navigate graphical user interface so you can adjust the settings, record your piece, and more.

Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) is another feature of this model. Traditionally, when you play at a low volume, bass and treble were lost, however, with IAC, now you can play at a lower volume without losing any sound quality, maintaining rich and balanced sound.

Another unique feature is the Stereophonic Optimizer. When using headphones, this feature offers spacious and surround sound quality.

You can also record your performance. With its integrated recording capability, you can capture your performance and record both hands separately.

The Yamaha YDP143B Digital Piano is a beginner-friendly piano. It is pre-loaded with many classical piano pieces that you can listen to or learn.


  • 88 keys with Graded Hammer action
  • Matte black keys
  • 3 sensitivity key settings
  • Sound from a 9-foot acoustic grand piano
  • Sustain pedal
  • Surround sound quality
  • 50 pre-loaded songs
  • 192 polyphony
  • USB to Host
  • Headphone connections
  • Built-in 3 pedals
  • Recording function


  • You need to assemble by yourself
  • No USB flash drive port
  • Not for an experienced pianist


The Yamaha YDP143 Arius Digital Piano is a pretty good digital piano. It has superb features like graded hammer standard, stereophonic optimizer, and Pure CF Sound Engine that creates a surround sound and acoustic piano-like experience. It motivates you to practice more and play for long periods.

Its technological features include the iOS app with easy GUI and recording capability. Its keys have good key action and are protected by a sliding key cover. Unlike other digital pianos, it comes with a bench; however, it’s a narrow bench. It has thin back panel too, which is a minor flaw.

With all the features that the Yamaha YDP143 Arius Digital Piano has, it’s one of the best choices for a digital piano.

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