Yamaha YPG-535 Digital Piano Review

yamaha ypg-535
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The model under review today is Yamaha YPG-535 Digital Piano.

Yamaha is a very well-known Japanese company in the world of music instruments. It provides a wide range of instruments from pianos to guitars, strings, and drums, and so on. Yamaha digital pianos are highly regarded in the digital piano industry. A variety of digital pianos are available, in which the prices of highest product line, Clavinova, is set at about MSRP of $4,000 to over $20.000 for a digital grand piano.

This model is one of the digital pianos from Portable Grand Series, of which DGX-660 belongs to as well. More information on DGX-660 Digital Piano can be found in this article.

Features of the Yamaha YPG-535 Digital Piano 

  • 88 keys with graded soft touch
  • 500 voices (127 + 361 XGlite + 12 Drum/SFX Kits)
  • Song arranger
  • Performance Assistance Technology (P. A. T.)
  • USB to Host, USB to Device
  • LCD screen
  • Yamaha Education Suite (Y. E. S.)

The Yamaha company has been in the music equipment business for a long time. It is one of the most reputable companies in the world because of the quality products that they design and produce. This Yamaha model is built with features that will satisfy your need for a digital piano without the heft and sizable dimensions of an authentic acoustic piano.

The keyboard has 88 keys in all, which allows users to see and experience an authentic piano performance. 

The Graded Soft Touch keyboard offers lighter touch on higher notes and heavier on lower notes, similar to acoustic pianos.  Weighted keys are very important in developing finger technique and strength required in playing a real acoustic piano should you consider moving up to an acoustic piano in the future. Although this model has a graded keyboard, the feel is not quite similar to a real acoustic piano. Some users have mentioned that keys feel like plastic and have no weight to them.

The Yamaha YPG-535 Digital Piano utilizes AWM or advanced memory wave sampling, which makes use of digital technology to document an acoustic piano’s sound.

Easy Song Arranger feature is a unique feature where you can arrange songs in many different ways; for example, you can play normally a ballad song in a hip-hop tune. In this way, you can enjoy a song in different styles to create a song with completely different image.  

USB to Host and USB to Device capability are convenient as you can connect a USB device to load music or save on it, or connect the digital piano to your computer so that you can use different software. 

Note that the music is saved in SMF (Standard MIDI Format).

The LCD shows notes as you play, which is a great tool in learning how to read sheet music. If the song you play contains lyrics and chord data, those are shown on the screen as well. 

The model offers 6 tracks of recording.



  • check
    88-key keyboard
  • check
    LCD screen
  • check
    USB to Host
  • check
    USB to Device
  • check
    High number of voices
  • check
    32 polyphony
  • check
    Key touch is not authentic
  • check
    Not for someone who wants something similar to an acoustic piano


The Yamaha YPG-535 Digital Piano is a very fun digital piano with 88 keys and various voices, however, the key touch is light and not quite graded as they are in the real acoustic piano, which is not recommended for someone who wants to play a traditional piano some day. The number of polyphony is low at 32. This is definitely a fun model with adequate quality sound for beginners, but not for intermediate to advanced people or beginners with plans to progress further in piano learning.  

The Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Piano, which is in the same "Portable Grand" series is more expensive, however, this model offers more for the price. 

Yamaha is definitely an excellent company when it comes to musical instruments, but in digital piano world, there are comparative manufacturers, too, one of which is Casio.  The Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano is an excellent model for a comparative price as Yamaha YPG-535. You can read the review here

Photo by James Stamler on Unsplash

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